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The Gimme All Bundle - 300 Capsules - 30 Varieties

Vendor: Gourmesso

The Gimme All Bundle is the ultimate Gourmesso Bundle. If you are interested in trying our entire lineup of coffee capsules and tea capsules for Nespresso Machines, this is the bundle for you. Bundle Contents 1 box Almond - Mandorla 1 box Black Infusion (Tea) 1 box Brasile Blend Dolce 1 box Caramel - Caramello 1 box Eco Line Chocolate - Cioccolato 1 box Coconut - Noce Di Coco 1 box Colombia Pura Forte 1 box Cookie - Biscottino 1 box Decaf Cioccolato 1 box Decaf Peru Dolce 1 box Decaf Vaniglia 1 box Etiopia Blend Forte 1 box Fruit Plum Infusion (Tea) 1 box Green Infusion (Tea) 1 box Hazelnut - Nocciola 1 box Herbal Mint Infusion (Tea) 2 box Honduras Pura Forte 1 box Lungo Arabica Forte 1 box Lungo Latino Mezzo 1 box Nite Edition - Late Nite Lemur 1 box Nite Edition - Midnite Monkey 1 box Nite Edition - Nite Owl 1 box Pumpkin Spice 1 box Ristretto Blend Forte 1 box Tarrazu Forte 1 box Toffeenut - Gianduia Caramello 1 box Eco Line Vanilla - Vaniglia 1 box Eco Line - White Chocolate Intensity Range Dolce (3) - Forte (12) Compatibility Our Capsules work in Nespresso Original machines ONLY (formerly: OriginalLine) Gourmesso Capsules do NOT fit in Nespresso Vertuo machines (formerly: VertuoLine), Dolce Gusto, Keurig, nor other systems.

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