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FOCUS Tea Gift Set - Complete Matcha Gift Set with 2 Bowls and Choice of Tea

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FOCUS is the clear state of mind produced by drinking matcha.In simplicity lies clarity, and nothing could be more elegantly simple than preparing a bowl of matcha with a traditional whisk and water. Create your own personal ritual and prepare delicious and restorative green tea that can be enjoyed alone or, even better, with a friend.THE WAY OF MATCHA / The centerpiece of the tea ceremony, matcha is a prized, powdered green tea from Japan. Made from the highest grade of tea leaves that have been stoneground, matcha provides you with tea??s full store of antioxidants, nutrients, and amino acids???most of which are lost when you just steep tea leaves.L-THEANINE / For centuries, matcha has been an invaluable aid in meditation practice. Modern science has discovered that the foundation of this tradition is L-Theanine, a rare amino acid that actually promotes calm alertness. Not only does L-Theanine help negate daily stress, it also aids in concentration and memory. In concert with matcha??s other healthful components, it leaves you relaxed, refreshed, and focused.THREE STEPS TO FINDING YOUR FOCUSSome people would call these instructions, but we like to think of it as a mini-meditation guide.

  1. MATCHA. Add one teaspoon of sifted matcha to the tea bowl. (If using a traditional bamboo tea scoop, add 2 heaving scoops.)
  2. WATER. Add two ounces of hot water (preferably filtered or bottled) at 180?? F to the bowl. For a richer, fuller body, use just one ounce of water.
  3. WHISK. Whisk the tea and water in a vigorous back and forth motion until the tea is dissolved and a light froth appears.
Essential Utensils to Celebrate your TeaWe include the sifter because without it, no matter how much you whisk, your matcha will be clumpy. The bamboo whisk (chasen), invented centuries ago, is uniquely suited for creating a frothy beverage and the delicate fronds will not harm your tea bowl. The bamboo tea scoop (chashaku) is perfect for measuring out matcha powder and scooping tea out of a round tin. And for the same reason, we drink wine in stemware, the matcha bowl (chawan) is the best vessel for observing and celebrating the taste, aroma and color of your matcha tea.This set ships with a beautifully illustrated how-to guide.

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